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Quick Comments 23/08/2014

Wendy 19/04/2014

Leisa 12/04/2014


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Your Videos are brilliant!!!.. Liz

My first ever quilt was with you in class, 2nd 3rd and 4th
now I have completed my 5th at home, your, now my,

Beautiful STARMISH.. with only the video to teach me.

I was so nervous, I watched the section on cutting three times before I was game to try it.
and I made my husband and friend watch the how to glue section twice before we attempted that
RESULT... just look at my beautiful Creation.

Now I can't wait to do my next one
Thank you so much Leanne for your teaching methods, Ralf for your Videos,
and all three of you for bringing do-able Quilting to everyone.

"you take the scary out of quilting"

Thank you Leanne and Emily And Ralf for a fabulous day at The Mad Quilters Gathering. My friend Julie and I had a ball and learned so much from you. I said it today and I'll say it again and I mean it, "you take the scary out of quilting". I feel confident that I can't mess anything up that can't be fixed ( pretty much) :) I was excited to win my 8 hour quilt and will definitely post when it is complete. I am grateful for the 2 of you beautiful ladies making novices such as myself and Julie feel like we can achieve amazing results without being perfectionist. It was great to meet you. Safe travels xo

About our Quick Tips Videos

Kayleen Rich Ohmyheck I've needed this video I have struggled with binding so afraid to do I needed to SEE someone do it instead of telling me how!!!! Thank you so much!
Nancy Plew Cassida I just watched your video Leanne and wish I had seen this earlier, I just struggled with the binding on a baby quilt. THANK YOU for this video
Paulette Beavers-Rea Thank you Leanne 💙❤️. I have never seen or heard of pressing your binding or joining the binding the way you describe it!!! I'm soooo excited!!! I can't wait to try it!! I'm sharing this with all my quilty friends and my Guild. The Ozark Piecemakers Quilt Guild in Springfield Missouri. Thanks again
Anna Lucas Thanks for the video Leanne. I have always stressed about binding but this looks like something I could manage - though I do like to pin, so that could be a bit tricky

About our Product and Service

Thank you so much for your quick service.
I received my Outback Spirit quilt kit today, lovely and such good quality material.
Keep up the great work, inspiring people as you go....
kind Regards Karen Gobbert😊✂️

Sherene 27/04/2013

A recommendation for Aussie Quick Quilt...just been to my second. Great day out...Some serious sewing with tonnes of help from all, get to meet some wonderful ladies and the amazing quilts they turn out; so many different designs and colours and fabrics...just beautiful and you really feel like you've accomplished something.
Leanne's ability to assist with any problems and keep things rolling, good tucker from Ralf and what about Emily...couldn't we all do with a great little assistant like her! Keep up the good work.

Fay 13/04/2013

Thank you Leanne, Ralf and Emily for an absolutely fabulous day at Inglewood.
You really are a bunch of wizards how you pull everything together,from colours to Ralfs delicious food.Congatulations and Thank you,
Emily is so helpful and her help was very much appreciated thanks Em',
Leanne is a whiz at sorting out our respective little hiccups and keeping us all smiling, so nice to hear so much laughter and to see so many smiling faces.
Look forward to seeing you all at the next one in May Love Fay

Joan 29/07/2012

Hi Leanne and Ralf. I am still getting over yesterday. I can't believe I have a quilt made.
This is the first one in my life - I have never been game to outlay all that money in case I never finished it. So this is a first for me to get so much done.
Thank you for such a rewarding day.Even though we were flat out - gobbled our beautiful lunch down - thanks so much for lunch, Ralf.
Emily you did a brilliant job putting all the colours together and grouping and numbering them all. WHAT A GIRL!!!
Thank you Leanne and Ralf for all your help. It was invaluable. Can't believe how beautiful the colours are in my quilt.....See you next time.

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"Champion at the Taroom Show with
the lone star I did with
Leanne Ballschmieter at an Aussie Quick Quilt class.
I'm so excited and proud. Thank you Leanne!!!!
I love my bright shining star which is what
you bring to every class, SPARKLE!!!"

Janet Monk who won First Prize says
"This lovely quilt got a first at the Taroom show.
"Thank you Leanne Ballschmieter for your great lessons."


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