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Q.Can I order specific or similar stock?

A. Yes you can, remembering the more time I have to spend searching, the more I will have to charge. (It will still save you heaps vs retail) Call me for a chat.

Q. Do I lose my deposit if I cannot attend?

A. Because I have to cut your quilt before we leave on tour, unless you are a last minute contact, and we have to include you in our catering plans, we insist on a non-refundable deposit.
However, I am always happy to discuss any situation should it arise, and have, on a couple of occasions moved the deposit to the next or other class.
You also have the choice to complete the full price purchase and receive the Movie and instructions so you can complete the quilt at home as many of our website attendees do as they cannot get to the workshop.

Please contact me as soon as you are aware there may be a problem and I am sure we can work it out.

Q. Can I do a double bed quilt instead of a single?

A. Aussie 8 Hour Quilt (Aussie8Hr) is designed to be a fun-filled day of pampering with an incredible sense of achievement and a top quality Heirloom standard result.

Most people who attend Aussie8Hr have rarely finished "A" quilt let alone "in 8 hours", and it would be virtually impossible to finish any quilt larger than a single unless you have practised the techniques I teach regularly.
After you have completed your first Aussie8Hr (without having to stress), I hope all our attendees will be enthused to go home and start or complete your own projects.

I even supply Quilt Kits for that express purpose, all precision cut to the size you request.

Points to Ponder

I keep getting asked "so how much would these quilts be worth?"

In answer, one of our regular ladies bought the material for a King size quilt, had a friend sew the top and another do the quilting... total was over $1500.

A general guide for anyone purchasing material to then be designed, cut, and brought to the sewing machine ready for sewing and quilting is:-

A Single bed quilt uses 7.5 metres for the top and backing plus the 1.5 metres of batting

A Double bed quilt uses 12.5 metres for the top and backing plus the 2.5 metres of batting

A Queen size quilt uses 14.5 metres for the top and backing plus the 3 metres of batting

A King size quilt uses 18 metres for the top and backing plus the 6 metres of batting (the difference here is because the backing and the batting has to be cut the other direction)

Quilters' fabrics range from $28 to $44 per metre (sometimes possible to find in Brisbane at $15 on the bargain table) and Batting is $28 per metre

On top of this you can add cotton, cutting board and rotary cutter, rulers and cutting guides, a $30 design or 3 or 4 quilt designing programs, and time...

So when your friend asks if you can 'whip up a quick quilt for them'.....

Comments and Testimonials

"I don't really care what I do, Just book me in for the next class. Aynne"

"Loved the Dalby session 09/11/13. My mind that night was so full of quilting thoughts I hardly slept and if I did my mind was still spinning. Spring Garden design is just devine. Can't wait for hubby Bruce to go back to work after holidays so as I can clear the decks (table) and get sewing. Hope Em had a lovely Birthday on the 10th. Until next time, Love Joan"

"Wow what a great way to meet people who love sewing and creating Quilts. Ralf I want to take home so I can get great food every day.My greatest buzz is seeing how the colours come together in the Quilts. Leanne's know how and Emily's help really make the day enjoyable. Thank you so much, looking foward to our next Quilting day. See you next time, Annette"

Jan 2021. I can’t recommend this wonderful families business enough. The customer service is beyond amazing, the products they sell amazing quality and full of fun. If you love quilting and can’t get to the store to pick your products or have trouble finding the perfect material all you have to do is give this lovely family the ideas and they do it all, cut and supply everything you will need even the know how and tips to do your very own quilt 🥰. I absolutely love supporting small businesses when I can. I highly recommend Ralf, Leanne and Emily’s home run business, their knowledge is beyond amazing also, Christie.

Apr 2021. I just used my strip cutter for the first time. Oh my goodness!!! What a game changer! This is an amazing invention and will literally save you hours! I absolutely LOVE it! If you do any strip cutting at all this is a must have!
I also can't say enough good things about Leanne - she is lovely and so incredibly helpful! My cutting table is now almost completely fitted out with things from Aussie Quick Quilt!

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